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Facilitating the Students

Founded in 2001, we started our services including counseling on study abroad , test preparation and visa consultancy among aspiring students and parents as a very need of marketplace. Our aim was to establish a treasured service with ethical and professional deliverance. We started facilitating our quality services with literal information and guidance keeping in mind about the students’ increasing interest to study in overseas with possibilities to learn in excellent environment which gives multicultural experience and great lifestyle. Our team from onshore and offshore offices have become very helpful and friendly enough to assist in correct manner to save time and money . We believe that every student has their uniqueness with different qualities, interests and abilities which have to be understood and guided carefully. We, therefore, emphasis that every individual is given a high priority and privileged services.

During the years we came across many successful achievements and now we have been emerged as one of the successful companies as such in the industry. Attuned in the standard of the industry, we are working smoothly with our associates, governing bodies and stakeholders and have developed remarkable partnership with highly ranked Universities and Colleges in Australia, USA and New Zealand.

Message from Managing Director

" Studying abroad bears enormous dreams, investments of money and time so, which must be offered a professional guidance. Aspirants are always encouraged for their good enough preparation from the beginning of their planning to study abroad. Students are groomed with high importance even the things that appear to be minor. On our profession, we would love to emphasize our friendly manner to encourage our clients express their views. Tailored assistance is granted favoring on interest and ability."

Transparency is our main ethic and financial matters are dealt in safe hands. With the highest priority, candidates turn out to be highly informed regarding what to study and where to study including career counseling. Certainly, their honest and confident choice or decision can achieve miraculous achievement.

Buddha Kumar Shakya Founder Managing Director

Why Us?

Among all, we are one of industries consistently and persistently working for more than 10 years. We have placed more than 1500 students in leading institutions in Australia, UK and New Zealand.

Buddha Kumar Shakya Managing, Director
  • Colleges 100+ Institutions
  • Countries 5+ Countries
  • Success 99% Success
  • Students 2000+ Students

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